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The Blog of Miranda Brown, Professor of Chinese Studies, University of Michigan

A memory from my trip to Suzhou about th
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Gluten "sponges" from scratch

This last week, my students from Food Crisis class did a final food preparation lab. This lab explored vegetarian and vegan alternatives...

The Curry Conundrum

A few weeks ago, ‘curry’ popped up on my YellowDig feed. I had just released a blogpost about Massaman curry, and that prompted a...

Vindaloo: A Storied Stew (ASIAN 258)

Like most people, I’ve expanded my cooking repertoire since the pandemic began. In part, I credit Costco for this. On a lark, my husband...

Much Ado About Mochi (ASIAN 258)

お久しぶり 。When Professor Brown heard that I was going to make sakura mochi (Sakura Rice Cakes) for Girls’ Day on March 3, she asked me if...

Dumpling Therapy (ASIAN 258)

About a year ago, I awoke to find the famous dumpling map whirling around on the interwebs. That map, lifted (!#@) from Rachel Laudan’s...

The Great Noodle Debate (Asian 258)

My first encounter with food history was in the fourth grade. One evening, my father came home to tell us over dinner that he had served...

ASIAN 258: Welcome to Asian Food and Drink

Ever wonder why Asians put tapioca pearls in milk tea? The origins of sushi, tempura, or ramen? Or whether it’s disrespectful to Chinese...

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